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Libratum Workplace Investigations exists to provide employers with a prompt, thorough, impartial, and balanced workplace investigation and advisory services.

We help organizations minimize liability and identify actions that can be taken to prevent recurrence.

Why hire an outside workplace investigator?

Not every workplace issue requires an investigation but when the issue has escalated to the point where a formal complaint has been received, and the issue may have significant consequences for one or more of the parties involved, a third-party investigator can help employers greatly reduce the risks associated with conducting an internal investigation and allow for the elimination of bias in the process.

An experienced third-party can provide an impartial process which treats all parties with fairness and an objective perspective. This allows everyone to more fully engage in the process and accept the findings of the investigation.

Consider hiring an outside workplace investigator when:

  • The allegations are serious, and someone’s job may be on the line
  • Lack of time is a factor – investigations are time consuming – is it your best use of time to conduct them?
  • Lack of resources is factor – there is no one person in the organization that can take on the investigation.
  • Better outcomes – when the investigation is over, morale in the organization needs to be re-established and wounds may need to heal. Having an objective third-party conduct the investigation often leads to greater acceptance by participants and improves trust in the employer.

Are you faced with investigating a workplace complaint?

Consider Libratum Workplace Investigations your trusted partner in helping you navigate through these challenges.

Workplace Investigations
Investigation Services

When a workplace bullying and harassment complaint is received, an organization is required to investigate . In many cases this investigation can be managed internally, but there are times when an employer will choose to conduct a workplace investigation by a trusted third-party.

Advisory Services
Advisory Services

Not all investigations require an external investigator. Are you conducting an investigation and find yourself stuck? Conducting an investigation is a challenging and time-consuming endeavour. A trusted advisor can help you obtain clarity and objectivity, they can also help you see the issues from a different perspective.

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